The Science of Change™



Create your life by design or default.

2 eBooks + 1 Money Meditation

Want to make more money?

Master your mind.

Mornings are the best time!

The day has infinite possibilities to create what you want. However, it’s your morning mindset that sets in motion the results you receive.

Are you having sleepless nights stressing about your finances!? Are you in panic about your black hole of debt? Ugh! 

I have been there. I can help.

People often ask me how I got out of debt and manifested a lifestyle traveling the world and thriving in my business.

I did it by committing to a morning routine that aligned my thoughts with my goals. This reframed my brain out of the default thinking that was holding me back and into conscious creation.


I am giving you for FREE the very tools that transformed my financial life. These simple shifts in your morning routine will bring you the abundance and peace of mind you crave… and deserve. 

Get the bundle now and become the creator of your life! 

“Life isn’t about finding yourself.
Life is about creating yourself.”
-George Bernard Shaw


Your life will transform and so will your bank account!

You get: 2 eBOOKS and an Audio Meditation!


What's Your Money Story?

Identify your old programs keeping you from receiving more of what you want.

Learn & apply The Science of Change™ Process to create new thoughts that align with your goals.

Wake + Make

Learn how to use the power of your mornings to call in your desires.

See my morning routine that got me out of debt!

Create your personal morning routine for success.



Use the power of the ‘connected breath’ to oxygenate your body to promote cellular rewiring that literally expands you into your next level abundance.

Work with 8 powerful abundance affirmations to create your money mindset.

Program your mind for wealth.


Manifestation Coach + Breath Practitioner

Lisa Meta is the Founder of Metamorfize, headquartered in New York City – but operating globally. Through her own journey to heal obsessive thinking and master her mind she created The Science of Change™, a process for people who feel stuck and want to break through negative thinking into positive action to reach their potential.

Lisa’s signature combination of mental reprogramming, breathwork and movement powerfully uncover and release old patterns at the cellular level to align body and mind for achieving next level growth.

You can experience her work through her Breakthrough Breath workshops, R.I.S.E. group program, Next Level Manifesting global retreats, and her best-selling 30 Days to Change program.

Her background as a star athlete, award-winning graphic designer, life/business coach and certified biodynamic Breathwork Practitioner make working with her an exploration of who you’ve been and a creation of who you are becoming.


“Fear and faith both demand you to believe in something you can not see.
You choose.” – Bob Proctor

The results you can expect:

You will become a more conscious decision maker
You will care less about what others say.
You will see how powerful you really are.
You will learn to hear your intuition.
You will learn how to master your mind

You will have the things you want.
You will become unstoppable with what you can create.
The possibilities are endless…

Welcome to your next level!